The GATES Family Unites

On 27th of April 2014, the GATES Family came together in a big way, in GATES PCM Construction Ltd’s first ever Family Day, held at Casuarina Grove at East Coast Park.

20140427_123547The event, which was the brainchild of Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Mr Krishna, was targeted at the employees, who work in shift based job scopes as part of the various projects that the company has been engaged in over the

years. The event was a way of commemorating and appreciating the efforts of these employees who continue to work tirelessly for the company in their respective projects.

The organising committee of the Family Day also invited the family members of these GATES employees and their addition to the celebration, made the inaugural GATES Family Day, one to be remembered.

“There are times when employees have to miss family celebrations due to work commitments. Therefore, by including their family in this celebration, I find that we are not only giving them an opportunity to make up for those lost moments, but also show them that we care for them and value them”, said Mr Krishna, the patriarch of the GATES Family.

Gates_PCM-401  Gates_PCM-582

The organising organising committee spared no expense for the celebration, which included a gauntlet of games involving the 150 participants that came down for the event. Besides the games, participants also took part in a mini-football tournament and other fringe activities like face-painting, balloon sculpting and photo-taking at the mobile photo booth.

Mr Rajendren, an employee of GATES PCM Construction Ltd, working on the Downtown Line Works Train Project, reflected: “Having worked tirelessly in the tunnels and amidst walls, it gives all of us great pleasure and a peace of mind, to be up and about in the open and having fun like this.”

Gates_PCM-422The event also served as an attempt at uniting the entire GATES Family under one roof in order to create greater understanding amongst employees. Employees of different projects and management also got a chance to meet informally and get to know one another better.

And it is this camaraderie that will remain the driving force behind GATES PCM Construction Ltd as it continues to organise such events for employees and stakeholders in the coming years.


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