The Dawn of new Opportunities

rail1The GATES PCM name has once again gone through diversification. This time, within its flagship railway industry. With the emergence of a new com­pany, GATES PCM-TW RAIL PRODUCTS PTE LTD, in late 2014, the brand not only wishes to extend its reach into another segment of the railway industry,but also create an abun­dance of opportunities for its flagship company, GATES PCM Construction Ltd.



With its expertise in railway new-built and maintenance, the GATES PCM brand does not just use rail products, but understands the need for quality within these products. GATES PCM-TW RAIL PROD-

Working closely with railway products supplier, Suzhou Jinstar Railway Material Co. Ltd, which is part of the prominent ZhongyuanLida Group, GATES PCM-TW RAIL PRODUCTS PTE. LTD is fully capable of supplying quality rail products to any part of the world.

From Railway-clips to Concrete Sleepers, GATES PCM-TW RAIL PRODUCTS PTE. LTD is equipped to supply a whole host of products that would be sure to fulfil the requirements of railway builders and maintenance experts. The company also additionally supplies Timber Sleepers.

And in only its first few months, since incorporation, GATES PCM-TW RAIL PRODUCTS PTE LTD has already established strong ties in countries in the South-East Asian, South Asian and European re­gions. The company in turn is using this vast network to market its products to these regions and beyond.

And according to Chairman and CEO of GATES PCM Construction Ltd, Mr Krishna, the benefits also transcend to the flagship company of the GATES PCM GROUP, GATES PCM Construction Ltd.

“With our sights already set on the regional market, this new venture, GATES PCM-TW RAIL PROD­UCTS PTE LTD, will be useful in giving us a foot hole in various areas of the region, as well as identi­fying and understanding potential business opportunities for GATES PCM Construction Ltd,” claimed Mr Krishna.

rail2And with the support of the GATES PCM GROUP and GATES PCM Construction Ltd behind it, it is no doubt that the newest member of the group will not only be useful in furthering the reach of the flagship com­pany, but also on its own, be a recognised name for all of the region’s railway product needs.

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