Painting the Town Red

Red was the colour of the day on New Year’s Eve 2013 at the 69th floor of the Equinox Complex at SwissOtel The Stamford as GATES PCM Construction Ltd and its Family members ushered in the new year with their Annual New Year Party.

This annual event is a grand celebration, which brings together all stakeholders of GATES PCM Construction Ltd under one rooF. And in its latest edition, the party was at its largest scale till date. With the highest function hall in Singapore hosting 190 members of the GATES Family, the celebration turned out to be an all-out entertainer.

DSC_0061With the function hall embodying an open glass concept, the Full view of the Singapore city and night skyline were on display for the GATES Family. An extensive feast also greeted the company’s stakeholders as a scrumptious buffet dinner was served. Moreover, the
programme for the day was filled with songs, dances and games that presented attractive prizes and a night of complete enjoyment for all participants.


A new addition to the GATES Family, Financial Controller, Mr Mohamed Salman Naufal said: “As a new member of the organisation, my very first experience at a GATES party as a Family member was truly an overwhelming experience in a very positive way. I Felt very welcomed by more experienced members of the organisation and had the opportunity to meet members of the GATES Family that I would not on a daily basis. Overall, it was a splendid experience.”

Yet, the party was not just all about entertainment. More than that, it was a celebration of the achievements of the company in 2013. With the company having posting record revenue figures, and reaching new heights in terms of awards attained and Corporate Social Responsibility efforts taken, there was much for the management to celebrate and share with other GATES Family members.

DSC_0079There was truly much to be proud about at the event, according to Accounts Executive of CATES PCM Construction Ltd, Moganah d/o Hari Babu Raju, who said: “It was a lot of hard work when we were actually doing it. But I looking back at everything that we have done, as one big recap, we realise how big the effort From all of us was. OF course, the brainchild of these achievements is Mr Krishna and I am very interested in finding out what he has up his sleeves For 2014.”

“I felt very welcomed by the more experienced members of the organisation and had the opportunity to meet members of the GATES Family that I would not on a daily basis.”
Mr. Mohamed Salman Naufal -  Financial Controller of GATES PCM Construction Ltd.

However, the night did not just end as a time for nostalgia and rejoicing of past achievements. As the clock struck midnight, Chief Executive Officer, Mr Krishna, announced that the coming year will be one that re­quires more hard work and perseverance from members of the GATES family as the targets set by the man­agement will be loftier than any ever set before.

DSC_0122  DSC_0055

He proceeded to explain that as the company looks to reach greater heights, it is important to for each member of the organisation to challenge themselves in order to grow with the improving ambitions of the company in 2014.

The reverence of the night became twofold when staff and family of CEO 6 Founder Mr. Krishna celebrated his 57th birthday, which falls on the first of January. With a designer cake, in the shape of his personal Mercedes car, the head of GATES PCM Construction Ltd rejoiced together with the 190-strong crowd in what served as was the highlight of the New Year Bash 2014.

On a whole, the party turned out to be the biggest and best organised party in the illustrious history of GATES PCM Construction Ltd so far. And just like every other member of the GATES Family, the organising committee will have to challenge themselves to outdo the standards of this year’s celebration in 2014.

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