Nothing Without Labour

It is well known to many that GATES PCM Construction Ltd is a family, who is home to hundreds of employees. As such, Labour Day is always a significant day on the GATES PCM calendar as the company gives back to its loyal and hardworking workforce for their dedication and commitment.

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This year, the Labour Day celebrations was held on the 1st of May, in grand fashion, at the home of our workforce, PPT Lodge 1B. Over three hundred members of the GATES PCM workforce gathered in the cinema hall of the lodge to take part in the celebration, which saw the top management of the company give away goodie bags to each member of the workforce individually.

The event kicked off with the opening address from Director of GATES PCM Construction Ltd, Mr. Sivanessan, who addressed the workforce about the need to work, not just for monetary remuneration, but also for the chance to learn and master new skills.

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“It is the skills that we learn in our jobs today that create opportunities for us in the future to move ahead. With these skills, we not only create a shot for ourselves at a bright future, but also a better life for our families,” added the 28 year-old. His speech was later paraphrased in multiple languages in order to reach out to all nationalities of the GATES Family.

CEO and Chairman of GATES PCM Construction Ltd, Dato Sri Krishna and Director of GATES PCM Construction Ltd Mr. Vignesh, then proceed to give each of the members of the GATES PCM workforce a goodie bag each.

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Each goodie bag consisted of useful items such as watches, t-shirts, water bottles, towels, caps and even a travel adapter. The members of the GATES Family were then treated to a scrumptious feast that no doubt added life to the event and sent the employees of GATES PCM into jubilation.


Master of Ceremony for the event and Safety Officer at GATES PCM Construction Ltd, Mr. Johnvictor Charles said: “Having worked with the workforce of GATES PCM day in and day out, it is nice to see them getting a well-deserved break and recognition. From the joy on the faces of these employers, it is easy to deduce that they will be more motivated and determined to improve themselves and raise the standard of the company to greater heights.”


Supervisor at GATES PCM Construction Ltd, Mr. Khaleeswaran, said: “My fellow employees and I are very happy to see that the company that we have worked so hard for has taken the chance to recognise our efforts. At the same time, we are also very proud that our company is of such a standard that it can give back to its employees in such a grand way. I can definitely say that GATES PCM celebrates Labour Day unlike any other company out there.”

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