Local Railway Company executes record-breaking Blood Donation Driver

Over 120 foreign employees gathered at the Blood Bank at HSA for a worthy cause on the 11th of December as part of the GATES Gives Life Blood Donation Drive.

The drive, involved foreign employees from countries such as India, Bangladesh, Thailand, Myanmar and The Philippines, who work on the building and maintenance of the local railway lines in Singapore.


The project, organised by their employer, GATES PCM Construction Ltd, as part of the company’s annual Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Initiative, marked the first time foreign employees had come together in such a scale at a blood bank to donate.

The project is yet another annual attempt, by the company, to give back to the community directly as part of their GATES Gives, CSR Initiative. Each year the company varies its giving to target a different sector of the community.

Chairman and CEO of GATES PCM Construction Ltd, Dato Sri Kitnasamy said: “In 2013, these same group of workers were involved in our unprecedented park preservation project, where they cleaned up over 7 kilometers of East Coast Park within 3 hours. They have since expressed passion for community work and in GATES PCM, we believe in providing every employee an opportunity for such endeavours.”

This eagerness to volunteer on their rest day is a sign of the employees’ and company’s understanding that everyone can and should do their part to save lives by donating blood. With approximately more than 350 units of blood being required in local hospitals per day for surgical, medical and emergency use, the message spread through the volunteerism of these employees is very clear according to Director of GATES PCM Construction Ltd and Head of the GATES Gives Initiative, Mr. Sivanessan.

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“Anyone who can donate, should donate. Our employees are proving through this effort that this statement requires no exemptions. Our foreign employees will also be joined in their efforts by local employees from the office and other sites as well as employees from our sister companies, GATES PCM Integrated Services and GATES PCM Environment. Members of the public are also encouraged to join us in this effort” said the 28-year-old.

Mr. Muthiaiah Mohan, a general worker at GATES PCM Construction Ltd, who successfully donated blood said: “We are very happy to donate blood. Our supervisors and managers talked to us and told us about that donating blood. They said each of us can save up three lives by donating. And after donating blood, I feel like I have done an important good deed today.”

On top of the 130 foreign employees who donated at the blood bank at HSA, an additional 79 employees reported to the blood bank at Dhoby Ghaut to donate as well.

The guidelines and restrictions for blood donation in Singapore is rightfully high. All donors will have to go through rounds of questionnaires and screenings before doctors clear them to donate blood. The donors from GATES PCM will be held to these very same standards as all donors will be screened and cleared by medical professionals from HSA.

Having gone through the process, The GATES GIVES LIFE Blood Donation Drive recorded a total of 95 successful donors, which is a testament to the high standards practiced by local authorities.


Recording such a high number of donations with a number of first timer foreign donors would have been impossible if not for the support of Red Cross, which handles the national blood donor recruitment programme and HAS, according to Project Leader of GATES Gives Life Blood Donation Drive, Mr. Terence Gomez.

“This large-scale donation effort would not be possible without them. From providing us the necessary knowledge to educate and create awareness amongst our employees regarding this topic, to allowing the use of their facilities to manage this blood donation drive, their assistance to this project has been indispensable,” said Mr. Gomez, who is also the Manager for Marketing and Business Relations at GATES PCM Construction Ltd.

It is hoped that this joint effort by the GATES Family, Red Cross and HSA will set a precedence for involvement of many more companies in blood donation efforts in future in order to save more lives.

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