GATES PCM Awarded new 3rd Rail Project

The Tenders & Projects Team of GATES PCM Construction Ltd was greeted with fantastic news on the 10th of April, when SMRT Corporation announced the award of a new tender to GATES PCM Construction Ltd.

The Tender bid was for the installation of third rail system including brackets for SMRT track replacement project for North South East West Line (Phase 1). The awarding of this contract to GATES PCM Construction Ltd is the latest milestone in the company’s track record and on its 15th year of establishment, it couldn’t have come at a better time.

The project, valued at approximately S$13 million, serves as the single biggest railway maintenance project that the company has been awarded till date. The fact that the awarding of such a high valued project, comes just four years since its first maintenance project, is testament to the quality of the company’s services and the speed of its improvement.

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of GATES PCM Construction Ltd, Mr Krishna, said, “This third rail project is a reward for our continued strive for high standards of work and growth. Since 2011, the company has displaced its hunger to be the top local player in the Singapore railway industry and motivation from such successes is simply going to stimulate that hunger even more.”

This hunger for success seems to have pervaded the entire organisation of GATES PCM Construction Ltd, as the management feels that the attainment of this project was a joint effort by the staff of the company, led by the Tenders & Projects Team.

Chief Technical Officer of GATES PCM Construction Ltd, Mr. Vignesh Partheeban said, “The tender team had been focussed on this tender for a long time, spending countless days and nights on the submission and follow-ups. The dedication and teamwork of my tender team, namely, Joann, Ren, Vichu and Peter, under the guidance of our Chairman & CEO Mr Krishna, was a major reason for this attainment.”

With an ambitious target of two years given for the completion of this project, the operations team of GATES PCM Construction Ltd is wasting no time in diving straight into the kick-start of the project.

Chief Organisational Officer of GATES PCM Construction Ltd, Mr. Thanaraj, said, “The next few months are going to be exciting times for GATES PCM Construction Ltd. We have started to hire some key talents that will no doubt to be a boost of our capabilities, not only in the near future, but in the long run as well. A new site office is coming up at Upper Changi Road East and we are working hard to ensure all the infrastructural support is available for the smooth running of this project for the next two years.”

Adding to the kitty of new projects undertaken by GATES PCM Construction Ltd, is the latest sub contract work from China State Construction Engineering Corporation Limited, Singapore Branch, involving the pre-fabrication and installation of two turnout systems, between Yishun and Sembawang MRT stations. The sub contract C158 is part of a new tender awarded to China State for the building of a new MRT station in the North-South Line: Canberra Station. This sub Ccontract project is estimated to be worth $2.6 Mil.


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