Crossing Industries, Breaking Boundaries

The rise of GATES PCM Construction Ltd in the Railway industry over the last few years, has been nothing short of phenomenal. The company and its rise have caught the eyes and attention of not only its own clients and stakeholders, but also the industry and the country.

karate1However, in order to continuously grow and prosper, one must be able to capitalise on opportunities for diversification in order for the growth opportunities to consistently increase as well regardless of where these opportunities may be. In this respect, there is no surprise that the GATES PCM brand name has ventured into new grounds in recent months and has also made great strides and progress in these new industries.

However, this was by no means a knee-jerk reaction to an available opportunity. According to Chairman and CEO of GATES PCM Construction Ltd, Mr Krishna, it was a calculated and thoroughly researched move that was assured to bring about success.

“The dream has always been, expansion across industries and the formation of a group of companies that can share resources and expertise across the board and rise simultaneously. It was just a matter of finding the right industries to venture into,” said the visionary head of the GATES Family.

And the right industry, did come in the form of a little known, yet fast rising enterprise: Facilities Services.

karate2Historically, facility services came into prominence in Europe during the 1970s with the emer­gence of the facilities management industry. Facility management itself was a response to the rapid creation of more privatised residential buildings, schools, commercial buildings, shopping complexes, hospitals, hotels, convention centres and arenas in the 60s and 70s.

As builders created more of these properties, they outsourced the responsibility of maintaining and caring for the upkeep of the building to facilities management. Facility services then emerged as a response to the needs of facility managers, to provide buildings with diverse types of services such as security, cleaning and pest control.

In the early years, most of these service providers, turned out to be sole-proprietors who focussed on any one of the diverse needs of facility managers and their property. However, this trend changed with the rise of integrated facility services in the new millennium.

Integrated facility services companies supply multiple services demanded by facility management firms. And while this trend is still in its infancy in Asia, it is a common sight in Europe and The US.

“The dream has always been, expansion across industries and the formation of a group of
companies that can share resources and expertise across the board and rise
simultaneously. It was just a matter of finding the right industries to venture into,”
- Mr Krishna, Chairman and CEO of GATES PCM Construction Ltd.

But in early 2014, the GATES PCM brand name, decided to enter this niche field with the creation of GATES PCM Integrated Services Pte Ltd (GPIS). GPIS was an integrated security firm that aimed to not just provide security for facilities but also personnel and cargo. Backed by the financial might of GATES PCM Construction Ltd, GPIS, which only had 40 security and protection officers in its ranks, now has crossed the 150 officers mark.


In recent months, GPIS has also won major contracts with esteemed clients such as National Parks Board, Housing Development Board and Agency for Science, Technology and Research. GPIS has also recently started its new personnel protection arm and has started training its officers in the art of Chuntian Kung Fu.

Chuntian Trainee, Mr Nazarisham said: “Just like any martial arts, Chuntian not only teaches us self-defence, but also to maintain our composure, during pressure situations. This helps us focus on our work better. And it is also a bonus that unlike my counterparts in other firms, I am practicing a martial arts form perfected by greats like Ip Man and Bruce Lee.”

linis1Alongside GPIS, GATES PCM Environment Pte Ltd (GPE) also started its flight into the world of environmental cleaning. In the few short months since the company’s birth, GPE has already obtained its cleaning license and looking to secure its Cleanmark Silver validation in coming months. It has also established a client base that includes Housing Development Board, Chamber International and ACE Body Corporate Management.

Buiness Development Manager of GPE, Mr Vachiraveel said: “There are major plans for the development of GPE and, I believe the company can be one of the household names within the environmental cleaning industry within the next three years. We are just getting started.”

With GPIS and GPE already moving rapidly to establish their

presence in their respective services, in order to form the bulk of the GATES PCM integrated facility services initiative, there are also talks of a venture into pest control services, which will be the next service that the GATES PCM brand name is likely to offer.

There is no doubt that this march forward for the GATES PCM Name, is one that clients, competitors and all other stakeholders have to look out for in the coming years.

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