Coming together with Cohesion


It was a fun-filled evening for all involved as staff and management of Gates PCM Construction Ltd, celebrated their first ever cohesion outing at Kallang Bowl in early December.

The event that was organised by members of the staff for the whole office, turned out to have a competitive edge to it as well. The organising team split the office into three teams in order to compete over two rounds of bowling. It may not have been the most professional display of bowling, but it was an opportunity for staff to unwind and de-stress which they truly appreciated.

Administrative Executive, Villavicencio Rowena, called for more of such events to be conducted more regularly as she felt that it was a good opportunity to step away from the stresses of work life. The 25-year-old added, “Such events are good for the whole office as it allows for the opportunity to get to know one another outside of work as well.”

The involvement of the top brass of management in the cohesion activity where they bowled side by side with their staff was also a refreshing sight that not many companies can boast about. Branding Consultant Mr. Sivanessan, who introduced the idea of cohesion activities to the Gates PCM Construction Ltd, said: “Cohesion activities are a great way to build and enhance a family culture within a company and this is very important for a company like Gates, which aims to promote such a culture. It is particularly important when top management engages in such activities along with their staff as it showcases the sincerity of such efforts and touches the hearts of employees.”

Project Co-Ordinator, Gunaselan emerged as the top bowler of the day as his score helped his team win the competition. Yet according to him, it was more about having fun with the Gates family, rather than engaging in any serious competition.

Gates PCM Construction Ltd’s next cohesion activity will be held at the end of January 2014.

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