Appreciation and Recognition

GATES PCM Construction Ltd received great appreciation and recognition from one of its major clients, SMRT Trains Ltd, when it became one of just two railway maintenance companies to be invited to exhibit their works in the SMRT Trains Ltd Safety, Security and Quality Day event.

The event, which took place on the 25th of February, at the SCRC Clubhouse in Bishan, was created in an effort for SMRT Trains Ltd to reinforce its safety, security and quality objectives to 1,200 members of its staff.

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The event featured an integrated exhibition by SMRT Trains Ltd’s partners in their roads and trains divisions that lasted from 9am to 6pm. GATES PCM was invited to set up a booth to explain about its work scope, procedures and products with regards to its 3rd rail installation project for 92km of rail along the East-West Line.

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Principal Project Manager (Rail) at GATES PCM Construction Ltd, Mr Peter Brymer said, “The invitation by SMRT for GATES PCM to be part of this exhibition is a strong sign of the growing partnership between the two companies. It is also a clear signal of the market presence that GATES PCM has earned within the local railway industry, effectively showing that we are a worthy local brand, competing against contractors from all over the world.”

The exhibit from GATES PCM Construction Ltd was particularly impressive according to the guests that visited the booth, as the exhibit featured a demo track affixed with a third rail, display of work procedures, tools, equipment and a recurring presentation of the company’s profile and corporate social responsibility efforts. It was a clear sign that GATES PCM is a company that contributes to its homeland through its work and beyond.

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The Guest of Honour of the event, Chief Executive Officer of SMRT, Mr. Desmond Kuek, who visited the various booths on displayed, had nothing but praise for the exhibition by GATES PCM and thanked the company for its continued support to SMRT over the years.

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Safety Officer at GATES PCM, Mr Johnvictor Charles, who coordinated the planning and execution of the exhibition said, “Today, GATES PCM’s display was commended as one of the best of the day and it’s easy to see that from the steady stream of people that came to visit the booth from start to finish. All this would not have been possible without teamwork and it is that teamwork that has allowed us to attain this achievement today.”



Beyond the commendation and recognition by SMRT, GATES PCM was also given a certificate of appreciation for its efforts on the SMRT Trains Ltd Safety, Security and Quality Day event, which now proudly hangs at the foyer of the GATES PCM Construction Ltd Headquarters.

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