The motto of GATES PCM Integrated Services is not just a tagline, but a sign of dedication to its clients. With its promise of ‘Always Safe, Forever Secure’ it promises safety and security to all its clients and their properties.

And its delivery of this promise has materialised in an enormous way in 2014. Having secured numerous residential, commercial, govern­mental, construction and industrial properties, GPIS has ensured the safety of thousands of people across the island. It has also secured an impressive array of high profile clients, including National Parks Board, Housing Development Board and A-Star Research Centre.

Yet, as far as 2014 is concerned, the depth of clientele, though im­pressive, is not the most astonishing achievement of GPIS. Instead, it is the sheer speed of growth, registered in building this depth of cli­entele that has become a remarkable trademark of GPIS. It has also made the rest of the security industry stand up and take notice.

According to Principal Owner of GPIS, Mr Krishna, this meteoric rise of GPIS was one that was expected and planned. “The buzzword was growth. In a tightly competitive market like the facility management services industry, I realised that if GPIS were to make it big, it had to grow as far as possible and show itself to be a major player in the market. And I am happy that almost a year on, it is well on its way to achieving the growth that I have planned for it,” said Mr Krishna.

However, the most noteworthy aspect of this growth, is not what has been achieved just far, but what is still to be achieved. According to Director of Operations at GPIS, Mr Nazarisham, GPIS still has a lot more growth ahead of it.

Mr Nazarisham added: “We are happy with the growth that has been achieved thus far and the speed at which we have done so. However, we are only getting started. Our target has been an ambitious one from the start and it is this ambition that will see GPIS make it to the top of the facility management services industry in the years to come.”

And the signs of its future growth are started to bloom as 2014 came to an end. Beyond its site protection services that have been the mainstay of the company since its rebranding, the last quarter of 2014 saw the start of two new wings that aim to spread the wingspan of GPIS in the near future.

“Our target has been an ambitious one from the start and it is this ambition that will see GPIS make it to the top of the facil­ity management services industry in the years to come.” Mr Nazarisham, Director of Operations, GATES PCM Integrated Services Pet Ltd.

Zumba Event Protection Security Officers 7The first of these two wings is the events protection wing, which provides ad-hoc protection officers for a variety of events including the Singapore Formula One Grand Prix, Air Shows, Exhibitions, IT events, Government Events and Private events. With highly experienced events management specialists joining the ranks of GPIS in recent times,it is no doubt that the events protection wing will be a reliable source of growth for the company in the coming months.

The second wing is the executive protection wing, which specialises in the protection of high profile clients. In recent times, GPIS has employed and trained highly skilled Executive Protection Officers (EPOS), who escort their clients, which include High Network Individuals (HNIs), in and out of Singa­pore, protect them and keep them clear of risk, regardless of it being direct or indirect.

close_protection4The training for these officers is also done internally by the company’s very own Martial Arts Instructor, Mr Sheikh Azmir Ally, who hails from the prestigious Chuntian Academy in Japan. This protégé of Master Matt Plewes, trains all of GATES PCM Integrated Ser­vices’ protection officers, regardless of their involvement in executive protection services.

“Martial Arts does not just teach self-defence in case of an external threat. It also keeps our internal threats at bay by inculcating in us, self-discipline. And with this added discipline, one will not only be a better protec­tion officer, but also a better human being,” said Mr Sheikh.


With such avenues of future growth at its disposal, it is no doubt that the astonishing rise of GPIS in 2014, will continue in 2015, as it continues fuelling its burn­ing desire to become a recognised household name in the local facility management services industry.

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