A Year of News for GATES PCM Construction Ltd

The year 2014, can be said to be a year of new things for GATES PCM Construc­tion Ltd. 2014 saw GATES PCM Construction Ltd go through a full-fledged brand change. From its logo to website, from employee relations to social responsibil­ity, the GATES PCM brand went through an immaculate transition.

Together with its new logo, GATES PCM Construction Ltd donned on new corpo­rate colours in the form of red and blue, which have become a trademark of the company in recent times.

A brand new website has also proven to be more attractive and user friendly for clients, who wish to find out more about the company and its projects. GATES PCM Construction Ltd also started the distribution of its newsletter series at the start of 2014 and now in its 4th edition, the newsletter has been keeping clients and other stakeholders more in touch with the company than ever before.

Mr Sivanessan, Director for Branding and Quality, said, “Good branding can really take a company far. It allows the company to be instantly recognisable and also ensures the company’s visibility in the eyes of its clients and stakeholders. And more importantly, it gives the company an identity that stakeholders can relate to.”

Beyond branding changes, GATES PCM Construction Ltd also made great strides in new directions. The spread of the GATES PCM name across industries is one of these strides. With the start of GATES PCM Integrated Services Pte Ltd and GATES PCM Environment Pte Ltd, the GATES PCM name has started to grow in the facility management services industry.

The GATES PCM name also made strides within the regional railway industry with the start of GATES PCM TW Rail Products Pte Ltd, a company supplying rail products across the region and working closely with railway products supplier, Suzhou Jinstar Railway Material Co. Ltd, which is part of the prominent Zhongyuan Lida Group.

This planned diversification of the GATES PCM brand ensures that the GATES PCM name will live through the times and continue to make its impact on soci­ety in a number of ways. Ultimately, it all serves to keep the brand on track always and remain relevant in the face of changing business climates, according to Chairman and CEO Of GATES PCM Construction Ltd, Mr Krishna.

“The dream has always been, expansion across industries and the formation of a group of companies that can share resources and expertise across the board and rise simultaneously. It was just a matter of finding the right industries to venture into,” added the patriarch of the GATES Family.

Basingstoke 001However, beyond diversification, the company also made huge strides in its home turf; the railway industry. Wanting to remain on track always, the company has continued to secure new projects, not just in railway new-built but also railway maintenance, which is a growing sub-division of the railway industry.

“Ultimately, it all serves to keep the brand on track always and remain relevant in the face of changing business climates,” Mr Krishna, Chairman and CEO Of GATES PCM Construction Ltd.

Its most recent project was awarded by SMRT Corporation Ltd. The project involves GATES PCM Construction Ltd performing timber to timber sleeper changing along the East-West Line’s West Zone. While this project is similar to other works that the company has per­formed in recent years, there are steps to­wards innovation that have been taken in this particular project.

Director of Engineering at GATES PCM Con­struction Ltd, Mr Vignesh Partheeban said: “With this project, we will be the first in Singa­pore to introduce mechanisation for timber sleeper changing. Our Rail Road Vehicles (RRVs), with the assistance of an operator, will do the actual manual work of sleeper chang­ing, thus reducing manpower costs tremen­dously.”

Along with the 14,000 timber sleepers that have already been changed by the company, this contract serves to make a name for GATES PCM Construction Ltd in sleeper changing works.

And having handled thousands of concrete sleepers in the construction of the Circle Line and Downtown Line rail networks, the com­pany is now in the running for a project, which involves the change of timber sleepers to concrete sleepers across the East-West and North-South rail networks, and is valued close to $100 million. Besides this major project, the company is also in the running for another maintenance project, involving the replace­ment of third rails, which is valued at approxi­mately $14 million.

It is no doubt that GATES PCM Construction Ltd’s association with such high profile proj­ects is a direct result of its excellent perfor­mance in 2014 on a variety of maintenance projects.

2These include, the company’s involvement in a historic local railway maintenance project in the form of the inaugural replacement of con­crete turnout bearers, 5.2 metres in length each, in the north and west of the local MRT network.

Another maintenance project that was han­dled by the company in 2014, was the re­placement of 400 rail pieces for SMRT Corpo­ration Ltd. The project officially took the tally of rail changes completed by the company, over the 1000 pieces mark. This has no doubt, helped to cement GATES PCM Con­struction Ltd’s position as an expert in various railway maintenance works.

1 (6)Yet, beyond just maintenance, the company has also continued its rise in the new-built sub­division of the local railway industry. Adding to its long-term involvement in the ongoing Tuas-West Extension & Downtown Line 2 projects under French railway giant, Alstom, GATES PCM Construction Ltd also took on the North-East Line Extension Project, which marked the first time, after a long break, that the local railway leader has performed every element of track works, within a project. This includes pre-construction works like site surveys and construction works: like concrete, rail and sleeper installations.

On top of these projects, GATES PCM also recently started on the Works Train Project for the up­coming Tuas West Extension Line in July. According to Senior Project Coordinator, Mr. Gunaselan Dharmiah, the awarding of this project, is telling of the great job that has been performed by the company at the Works Train Project for Downtown Lines 1 & 2.

1 (10)“The continued trust that our client, LTA, has in our abilities gives us great pride. It is a clear sign, that GATES PCM is a promising local railway company with a bright future. More than that, I am proud that the company will now be able to give more Singaporean youth, the opportunity to p involved and learn about the railway industry,” added the 31-year old.

With 2014 alone bringing GATES PCM Construction Ltd such success and change, there is no doubt that the new year will be one of greater success and prosperity for the company as it con­tinues to build on its status as a local leader in the Singapore railway industry and continues to, cement that position.

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